domenica 28 dicembre 2014

Nice ad of the day. Axe White Label - Who is this guy?

Agency: BBH New York
Executive Creative Director: Ari Weiss

Prod: Smuggler
Director: Ivan Zacharias

BBH, Smuggler director Ivan Zacharias and The Mill create a classic sixties world for Axe "Hotel" for the "White Label" campaign.

The shoot spanned from Prague to Lake Como, Italy. A mystery man is seen moving through the hallways of a swanky hotel, catching the eyes of a few classy ladies and a swanky dog. Each imagines who this mystery man might be; a superstar, a spy, a surgeon or even 'Best in Show'? He is, in fact, a handsome waiter, wearing Axe White Label.

Shoot Supervisor and 2D Lead Artist Iwan Zwarts used a combination of drone photography and subtle visual effects to create the flawless environment. The campaign was shot digitally, which allowed The Mill team to integrate the visual effects. In order to achieve the final look and texture, the commercial was transferred back to film print. Colorist Adam Scott then created the vintage look by pushing the soft pastels and warm contrasts often seen in films of the era.