giovedì 29 gennaio 2015

Inspiring ad of the day. Everlast - I'M A BOXER

Client: Everlast
Spot: "I'm a Boxer"
Director: Claire Edmondson
Production Company: Steam Films
Cinematographer: Catherine Lutes
Executive Producer: Carling Acthim
Producer: Jason Aita
Art Director: Erika Lobko
Wardrobe: Basia Wyszynski
Edit: Married To Giants
Editor: Michael Durst
Executive Producer: Denise Shearer
Online Artist: Trevor Corrigan
Online Assistant: Preeti Torul
Transfer: Alter Ego Post
Colourist: Tricia Hagoriles
Producer: Jane Garrah
Original music & sound by Apollo Studios
Young Boxer: Makayla Maxwell
Boxer 1: Lisa 'Bad News' Brown
Boxer 2: Mandy Bujold

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