martedì 24 febbraio 2015

Animation of the day. Original / Short from Vucko

Original / Short from Vucko on Vimeo.
This is a short piece that explores the concept of originality.
The topic is full of wonder, conflict, excitement, and subjectivity. For many, originality means drawing inspiration from a variety of sources to create a new idea. The script for “Original” is meant to be an adaptation of this belief; proving that unique ideas can be inspired by existing concepts, objects and experiences. This piece achieves this by combining influential quotes from the world’s most creative minds over the past five decades (Pablo Picasso, Jim Jarmusch, Woodrow, Wilson, Lincoln Steffens, Dieter Rams, Jean Luc Godard etc.) to create a single narrative that defines what it means to be original.
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Direction/Design/Animation: Andrew Vucko
Sound Design & Music : CypherAudio
Production/Direction/Mix : John Black
Composers : Tobias Norberg, John Black
Sound Design : Jeff Moberg, John Black
Voiceover: Chris Kalhoon
Thank you: Ryan Dadoun, Nicolas Girard, Luis Campos, Chris Bahry

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