giovedì 21 maggio 2015

App of the day. Samsung Memory Recaller

Samsung Memory Recaller from Bbdo Proximity Thailand on Vimeo.
Samsung Memory Recaller
The one-stop mobile application that utilises facial recognition to recall connections for people with Alzheimer’s, naturally and seamlessly.
Alzheimer’s disease is a type of Dementia that causes memory loss and is still incurable. As the disease progresses, it eats up the patient’s being. Taking away their world and all the meanings in it—taking away conversations, daily life, events, and connections between the patient and loved ones.
Samsung created the “Memory Recaller,” an innovation that gives meanings back to an Alzheimer patient’s life. The easy-to-use mobile application was advised by Dementia specialist of Praram9 Hospital to help bring patients back from the isolation caused by memory lost.
The application detects the person standing in front of the patient by utilising facial recognition and mobile camera. It then informs the patient of their relationship and name in auto-speech. Other than recognising people for the patient through “Memory Recaller,” the application has an “Activity Recaller” function which helps the patient keep track of completed activities to help eliminate unnecessary activity repetition.
Although the application cannot stop Alzheimer’s from progressing, it works to improve the quality of life of patients living with the disease. It recalls the meanings and connections that make one’s life meaningful and give patients a world they can hold on to.
How it works
1. Add photo, name, and relationship in “Add Member” then click the “Add” button.
2. Activate the application and place the mobile in the shirt pocket, facing camera outward.
3. The application will detect the person and inform the patient of his/her name and their relationship through auto-speech.
Advertising Agency : BBDO Proximity Thailand
Client : Samsung

ACCOUNT DIRECTOR: Tanyawan Wongapichart
ACCOUNT MANAGER: Umaporn Khlangbunkhrong
ART DIRECTOR: Katkanan Boonyarungsrit
BUSINESS DIRECTOR : Arunee Rueangwattanaporn
CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER: Suthisak Sucharittanonta
COPYWRITER: Manamai Rodpetch, Peter Oh
CREATIVE AGENCY: BBDO & Proximity Thailand
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Anuwat Nitipanont

PROJECT MANAGER: Chanaphang Wutthithammakoon

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