giovedì 16 luglio 2015

Outdoor of the day. KIT KAT - The Day Advertising Had a Break

J. Walter Thompson Colombia

"Transmilenio is Bogotá city’s public transportation system, where millions of people commute daily. The primary media used in these stations are billboards. This is where Kit Kat, the famous chocolate bar, gave a break to people who never take breaks: the models in other brands’ billboard advertising. After unique negotiations with famous brands, Kit Kat gave their models a break.

We contacted the original models and photographers of each of the billboards to re-make the exact same ad. Just with one simple difference: the models were all taking a break with a Kit Kat bar. Next to the billboard, a Kit Kat dispenser read: Like these models in this billboard, you too can have a break. Take one.”" Via

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