lunedì 28 settembre 2015

Idea of the day. Paradise Hill – It’s Not OK & HOME Magazine

Most New Zealanders associate domestic violence with low socio-economic groups. But in reality, it's as much of a problem for the rich as it is for the poor. A recent study showed it affects 1/3 women nationally, and more surprisingly, 1/4 of all high income homes. But since it happens behind closed doors, this reality remained hidden. We had to fix that. So, we partnered with NZ's premium home and lifestyle magazine and showed how violence can happen even where we least expect.

Client: It's Not OK

Media Partner: Home magazine

Agency: FCB, Auckland, New Zealand

Regional Executive Creative Director: James Mok

Executive Creative Directors: Tony Clewett, Regan Grafton

Copywriter: Matt Williams

Art Director: Freddie Coltart

Head of Craft: Nick Smith

Designer / Retoucher: Mike Braid

Group Account Director: Jane Wardlaw

Account Manager: Chanelle McDonald

Head of Content, Art Buyer: Pip Mayne

Editors: Jared Yearsley, Grant Nicholson

Photography (Magazine): Simon Wilson

Photography (Film): Mike Braid

Head of Media (Strategy): Rufus Chuter

Media Manager: Nicole Earnshaw

Media Director: Rachel Leyland

Head of Media (PR, Activation, Social): Angela Spain

PR Account Manager: Alice Eade

Brand Experience Director: Ele Quigan

Digital Media Director: Kate Grigg

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