martedì 2 febbraio 2016

Romantic ad of the day. What is Love? Teleflora

Love is one-of-a-kind. See it come to life as Teleflora celebrates every kind of love this Valentine's Day. 

Love is our greatest gift. Send yours with Teleflora:
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Client: Teleflora
Executive Vice President, Head of Marketing: David Dancer
Senior Director, Consumer Marketing: Danielle Mason

Agency: Wonderful Agency
President: Mike Perdigao
SVP, Digital: Brien Grant
Group Director of Experiences: Andres Conde Broadcast Producer: Matt Conrad
Creative Director: Frances Perez
Associate Creative Director: Meghann Bass
Senior Digital Artist: Mike Hand

Production Company: Whitelist
Whitelist Producer: Jennifer Glynn
Director: Cameron Dutra
AD: Jesse Hays
Director of Photography: Niko Wiesnet
Production Designer: Tye Whipple
Editor: Tamara Meem
Executive Producer: Jerad Anderson
Post Production: Velem
Derek Hansen – Colorist
Summer McCloskey – Colorist Producer

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