sabato 23 luglio 2016

Video of the day. DOORCUTS

DOORCUTS from Zak Tatham on Vimeo.
Short-cutting time and space takes some convenient stretching.
Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, Maryland (Opening Gala)
Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto, Ontario
Roswell Film Festival, Roswell, New Mexico (Nominated for Best Editing)
Art Athina, Athens, Greece
River Film Festival, Padova, Italy
Down The Rabbit Hole, Holland, The Netherlands
Supernova Outdoor Digital Animation and Art Festival, Denver, Colorado
Amarcord Art House Television & Video Festival, Chicago, Illinois (Finalist)
Director / Editor / VFX: Zak Tatham (
Star / Jogger: Jesi the Younger (
Grip & Art Director: Aaron Manczyk (
Additional VFX: Efehan Elbi (
Camera / DOP: Zak Tatham + Efehan Elbi + Aaron Manczyk + Andrew Gavel
Composer: Man Made Hill (
Credit song "Sour Taco" by Harrah
Makeup: Gina Pulai ( + Frincess
Door Carpenter: Zoe Solomon

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