martedì 4 ottobre 2016

Emotional ad of the day. IKEA - Welcome Home

Mother London

IKEA - Welcome Home - TV Advert 60” #WonderfulEveryday
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It’s funny how little we think about lighting, when it actually makes so much of a difference. Lights can change our surroundings and improve our moods. They can comfort your little ones when they go to sleep, help you focus when it’s late, or create a more intimate atmosphere in any room. In the next installment of the Wonderful Everyday campaign we see a young boy transform his mother’s journey home with lights, showing that life really is better at
the flick of a switch.

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The IKEA TV Ad soundtrack is Lighthouse by Patrick Watson from the album Adventures in Your Own Backyard.

The advert was directed by Frederic Planchon at Academy.

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