mercoledì 16 novembre 2016

Nice ad of the day. Alibaba | All in 1 | FRED & FARID

FRED & FARID unveils innovative 11.11 manifesto ad for Alibaba, featuring 30 different brand taglines in one story. More info:

Here's the full story:

I will (Under Armour) change your destiny (SK-II), you can be anything (Barbie); always in beta (New Balance). It takes courage (Ray-Ban) to be forward thinking (smart), but hey my beauty, my say (Dove).

Capture different (Gopro), ready for more (Converse) because you are worth it (L’Oréal Paris). Life’s good (LG), delighting you always (CANON); Live young (Evian), you got no strings (beats), Just do it (NIKE).

Live in (Levi’s) mad intense (Stride), off the wall (VANS) ways. We break the rule (VIDAL SASSOON), keep walking (JOHNNIE WALKER), and never stop exploring (The North Face).

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