giovedì 22 dicembre 2016

Italian ad of the day. Emergency - Stop drawing borders

In 2016, which is coming to an end, over 4800 people lost their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean, searching for a more secure life. This number is higher than in previous years. They escaped war, poverty, and persecution. They braved long voyages and dangers, looking for a safe place, work, rights, and dignity.

We hope that in 2017, people will be more important than borders.

▶ In Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and Italy, we offer free treatment to the victims of war and poverty. Help us to do this, with a donation:

## Credits ##

Ogilvy & Mather Italia
Chief Creative Officer: Paolo Iabichino e Giuseppe Mastromatteo
Art director: Alessia Bonito Oliva
Copywriter: Margherita Maestro
TV Producer: Francesca D'Agostino
Media Manager: Alessandra Pedrazzoli

Casa di Produzione: (h)films
Regia: Igor Borghi
Fotografia: Krishna Agazzi
Executive Producer: Paolo Gatti
Producer: Caterina Sacchi
Digital subtitles: Artech Digital cinema

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