martedì 14 febbraio 2017

Idea of the day. STARMARK - The Sex, Prawns & Rock 'n' Roll test

At Starmark we claim that we can erase the history of any used car using our unique mechanical and cosmetic cleaning programme. We claim that whatever happened, didn't happen.

In order to test this claim, we invited Jørn Moos, one of Denmark's most skilled crime scene investigators, to search for traces and thereby conclude what had happened in three different cars. Before Jørn investigated the cars, they had undergone some rather tough treatment.

Learn more about our unique mechanical and cosmetic cleaning programme here:

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The film is a documentary and shot by the Oscar-winning director Laurits Munch-Petersen

Head of Sales and Marketing: Morten Roth

Advertising agency: TBWA & BBDO
Managing Director: Erich Karsholt
Executive Creative Director: Tobias Lykke Aggergaard
Art Director: Mikkel Møller
Account Manager: Aida Grollov
Producer: Stine-Marie Møller Nielsen
Graphic design: Neal Drasbeck
VFX: Robert Larsen

Produced by: Ditlevfilm
Director: Laurits Munch-Petersen
Producer: Jacob Ditlev
Photographer: Sidney Lexy Plaut
Lightning master: Torben Wenneberg
Editing: Jacob Ditlev

Media partner: BeOn/AOL
Account Manager: Rasmus Mikkelsen
Campaign Manager: Louise Brogaard

Head of Sales and Marketing: Morten Roth

Direct line: +45 7211 6016
Mobile: +45 2529 8516

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