mercoledì 18 ottobre 2017

Video of the day. Hey Pressto

Hey Pressto from DBLG on Vimeo.

Hey Pressto / Behind the Scenes from DBLG on Vimeo.
"Three arms, two hairy chests and a bum crack. What better way to celebrate our 10th anniversary? Say hello to DBLG’s latest personal project.
Playing keeps us creative. We’ve always been chock-full of new ideas, so we teamed up with the talented folk at Animade to create, direct and produce Hey Pressto.
A party bursting out of a leg, a game of tennis over a bare bum crack and a nipple going for a stroll – it’s not your everyday brief. We combined our skills in 3D printing, stop motion and digital animation using actors’ skin as a canvas. This innovative passion project is truly one of a kind."

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