martedì 10 aprile 2018

Digital stuff of the day. Lacta - The Taste of Love - AI teaser website campaign - case study

OgilvyOne Greece 

Lacta chocolate, created a feature film titled "The taste of love", that was released online and on TV on Valentine's Day in Greece, with great success. In it, a lonely man in the future is living with a beautiful girl that satisfies his every wish, since she’s an android robot. Until one day, she's accidentally updated with "Artificial Emotions”, and wants to know what love is... To create anticipation, a teaser campaign presented ELLi, the film's robot, who although has the most advanced Artificial Intelligence, she cannot understand what love is. Users were asked to visit, and submit a photo that captured love for them. Then, using real Artificial Intelligence, we recognised what was portrayed in each photo and with machine learning we displayed what ELLi was learning in real time, in a 3D interactive environment, letting users discover patterns and common threads about what love is to all.

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