giovedì 31 maggio 2018

Nice idea of the day. Google Cloud - The Biography of Tomorrow

Agency: Herezie


Agency: Herezie Group, Paris (France)
CEO: Andrea Stillacci
COO: Pierre Callegari
Managing Partner: Arno Pons
Executive Creative Director: Baptiste Clinet
Creative: Joseph Dubruque
Creative: Axel Didon
Creative: Raphael Stein
Head of Social Media: Paul Marty
TV Producer: Elodie Poupeau
TV Producer: Barbara Vaira
Production Company: The CABS
Director: The CABS
Post-Production: The CABS
Post-Production : Cyril Haoual
Account Manager: Diane Darricau


Publishing Company: Le Cherche Midi
Book Editor: Maria Felix Frazao
Copy Editor: Fabienne Waks
Production Editor: Brigitte Trichet
Printer: Editis


Client: Google Cloud France
Head of Marketing: Salime Nassur
Head of Enterprise Marketing: Jonathan Hadida
Marketing Content Manager: Shanika Weligama

Marketing Campaign Manager: Maxime Gilloteaux

Google Cloud wanted to reach out directly to the most unreachable top executives in France. They wanted them to know about the power of Google Cloud Solutions. With the help of writers, we transformed extremely accurate and predictive data on markets, collected with Google Cloud tools, into a brand new genre of books: biographies of anticipation, telling the plausible future life stories of 10 top executives, based on data analysis of their markets. These executives were able to own the most personalized and confidential book ever, prefaced by the world-famous economist Jacques Attali.

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