giovedì 19 settembre 2019

Idea of the day. The Life Saving Soap Operas

Circus Grey and Peruvian Ministry of health, present the campaign: "The life saving soap operas", the very first organ donation between the characters from two totally different TV series. Yair, one of the leading characters of the Soap opera "Ojitos Hechiceros 2" died and donated his kidney to Lorenzo, the main character of "Señores Papis", saving his life. A pop culture crossover that starts in fiction to save the lives of thousands of people in reality. . Credits: Peruvian Ministry of Health and América TV Agency: Circus Grey, Lima, Peru CEO: Pedro José de Zavala CCO: José Luis Rivera y Piérola ECD: Charlie Tolmos Creative Directors: Mario Neumann / Carlos Cárdenas / Ricardo Baracco Art Director: Patricio Vargas Copywriter: Jordán Cáceres Production Manager: Renzo Talavera Agency Producer: Vanessa Gómez / Mayte Angulo / Ximena Rojas Post production: Edson Ku, Miguel Chiesa New Business: Valeria Malone Del Barrio Producciones: CEO: Michelle Alexander Executive producer: Adriana Alvarez CRO: André Silva Music/sound Producer: Sin Anestesia Studio Canica Films Videographer and direction: Verónica Vásquez Videographer: Sergio DiNegro Videographer: Angel Nuñez Videographer: Enzo Zevallos Sound: Gianmarco Rodriguez

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