venerdì 25 ottobre 2019

Idea of the day. Timeless Journey as told by Dentsu Tokyo Wins Digital Craft Grand Prix at Spikes

Timeless Journey describes the legacy of Antonio Stradivari and his violins. They say that as a Stradivarius instrument gets older, the more complex and romantic it begins to sound. Tracing the journey of such an instrument back hundreds of years, the campaign is the group's attempt at making people travel back in time, to when they were being crafted in Italy to the different halls and theaters across the different time periods the violin has been to. Dentsu, together with their partners in the campaign, built a gallery in central Tokyo at the Morj Arts Center Gallery in Roppongi, including recorded music from various eras played in an anechoic chamber, using historically appropriate strings and bowing. The agency shares, they then processed the recordings to replicate acoustic environments from each era using architectural drawings, historical materials and 3D modeling. The campaign's creativity, ingenuity, and effectivity eventually landed it several accolades, a Digital Craft Grand Prix Spikes among others. Read more about Dentsu's Spikes Asia Awards haul here:

Agency Dentsu

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