About Federico Russo

Me about advertising.

The fragmentation of media has created a chaos in which only the ideas can put order. But there is a prerequisite: the ideas must have the same DNA of the brand they are talking about and must be built on a solid creative platform.

My approach to communication is strategic and creative at the same time, because each innovative strategy must be creative as well as every original creativity must be strategic. Everything else is only an exercise in style.

We are in the post-digital era. The creative flow is no longer divided (and should have never been) between online and offline. Creativity should find new ways to connect brands and people constantly on any media. The starting point of good communication is a relevant storytelling, which should not be self-referential, but rather focused on people: from brand stories to people stories. Making advertising today could be not enough any more: invent and propose new business models is the key for success. Nike Fuelband is the best example we can find.

My goal is to offer customers an innovative creative point of view on their brand while respecting their heritage, setting the idea as the starting point. Idea that needs to be fluid and solid at the same time, because only thanks to these characteristics we can generate high-level communication that can be expressed in any way, from activation to branded content, from social media to traditional channels and to those yet to be invented.

- 15 years of experience at national and international level;
- 10 years of experience in automotive advertising;
- national (ADCI) and international (Promax, IAAA) awards;
- advanced knowledge of the world of advertising;
- advertising blogger since 2007 (www.federicorusso.com with more than 150.000 visits);
- passion about all forms of visual expression (pinterest.com/federicorusso).

About me.

"Creativity isn't a job, it's a belief. Without that belief you will never be great". This sentence by Sir John Hegarty reflects my thoughts. I'm a copywriter by trade, but the word "creative" has always described me far more accurately.

I started working in advertising 15 years ago by participating for fun in a creative online pitch that allowed me to get into my first agency. I am an advertising lover and I blog about it (www.federicorusso.com). I am very passionate about all forms of visual expression, constantly hungry for videos and images (pinterest.com/federicorusso).

My approach to work is of total dedication and all colleagues I have worked with have said that my passion is contagious. I never give up, I am determined to always find the best creative solution; I'm used to think in a transversal way: to the client who asks me for a TV commercial I always propose an alternative/extra solution, from digital campaigns to branded content, from apps to activations.

Federico Russo