giovedì 5 settembre 2013

Social stuff of the day. MILKA - LAST SQUARE.

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Would you buy a chocolate bar with the last square missing? 

Well, Buzzman Paris has created a new campaign where it is putting the generosity of Europe to the test. They've taken the last square from over 13 Million Milka Chocolate bars and are giving people the chance to claim their square back or give it to someone else. 

To bring life to Milka's brand promise (dare to be tender), Buzzman decided to use the chocolate bar itself as the main media of the campaign. All people need to do is simply pick up a Milka bar and connect through their smartphone, tablet or pc to visit, they'll be able to choose what to do with their last square. 

If they decide to be tender and send their last square to someone they'll be able to accompany it with a tender personalized message. 

The campaign has been a year in the making, taking Buzzman and Milka a whole year to change the entire chocolate bar manufacturing process. Buzzman and Milka created a unique mould that allowed for the creation of 13 million chocolate bars for France and Germany with the famous square missing. 

The tablets will be available in all the participating stores for a whole month starting September 2013. 

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Annonceur :
Mondelez International -- Milka
- Directrice Marketing Tablettes de chocolat : Anne-Lise Favet-Richard
- Senior Brand Manager Milka : Marie Delpit
- Brand Manager Innovation Milka : Sophie Squillaci, Violaine D'Aillières

- Creative Director : Georges Mohammed-Chérif
- General Manager : Thomas Granger 
- Agency Managers : Julien Levilain, Antoine Ferrari, Loïc Coelho
- Copywriter : Miguel Durao
- Art Direction : Clément Séchet, Daniel Evans
- Strategic Planning : Renaud Berthe
- TV Producer : Vanessa Barbel, Elodie Poupeau, Yoann Morin
- Director : Zoé Fisher
- Film Production : GOOD PH
- Digital Producers : Laurent Marcus, François Cavallin

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