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Digital stuff of the day. "Enjoy Your Privacy" -- An interactive narrative from Norton Mobile

"Enjoy Your Privacy" -- An interactive narrative from Norton Mobile from Jam3 on Vimeo.
Thereʼs nothing our phones and tablets donʼt know about us. We let them listen to our conversations and count on them to harbor our most personal photos. We entrust them with our passwords, credit card numbers and our bank account information.
In essence, our mobile devices have become virtual windows into our lives.
The scary thing is, all it takes is a bit of human error, a moment of forgetfulness or a careless click, and our mobile devices can change from confidants to informants.
“Enjoy Your Privacy” was created as a reminder to consumers that no device is safe from digital dangers without the right protection.
The team developed a highly interactive experience at whereby users can sync their mobile devices to the desktop experience and interact with seven fictitious characters whom all have secrets for you to find out. Once a user pairs their mobile device with the desktop experience, they have the ability to access seven characterʼs devices as if they were their own—scrolling through photos, text messages, personal emails, bank statements, and much more with the objective of learning about the characterʼs lives and their hidden secrets.
Through the experience, visitors also learn what can come of lost, stolen, or hacked devices and how Norton by Symantec can help prevent them from falling victim to such security breaches. Through interacting with the experience, users are actually put into the shoes of a would-be hacker or someone who finds a device without protection.
To produce the digital experience Leo Burnett tapped Jam3, Smuggler and Method to create a highly interactive narrative that can be controlled by your mobile phone. The site, built entirely in HTML5 and using Jam3's proprietary Copper framework, has over 70 short videos that perfectly stitch together to allow the user to seamlessly move back and forth through the buildings and stories in any order they want.
Using WebSockets (Node.js and the Socket.IO) to pair the user’s mobile device with their desktop experience, allows them to explore and interact with the story’s characters and discover their various secrets. A "micro" mobile operating system was designed to create the illusion of actually peering into someone's phone, complete with email, voicemails, photos, personalized homescreens and even transitions between "apps".
The overarching message of the program is that of Privacy – and with the right type of protection from Norton, we are given peace of mind and allows us relax. So, go ahead: Enjoy your privacy with Norton Mobile Security and Norton Hotspot Privacy.
Visit on your computer to discover more about the program.

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