mercoledì 30 ottobre 2013

Indian ad of the day. Tanishq - A wedding to remember.

" a nation where widowed and divorced women have historically been treated as outcasts, the theme of the spot—a woman's second marriage, to a man who treats both her and her daughter with love and respect—is not only revolutionary. It is crazy bold." Read more at

Agency: LOWE Lintas (Bengalooru)
National Creative Director: Arun Iyer
Creative Director: Rajesh Ramaswamy
Production House: Lintas Productions
Director : Gauri Shinde
Producer: Anil Naidu
DOP : Sanu Verghese
Art Directors: Urvee & Shipra
Editor : Nayan H Bhadra (Yogesh)
Casting : Amita Sehgal
Makeup : Vidyadhar Bhatte
Agency producers: Tulika Sodera / Yogesh Dixit
1st A.D: Nameeta Prakash 
2nd A.D: Sunny Tiku
DA: Deepti Rao
Music: Original score from 'Rockstar' composed by A.R. Rahman
Sound Engineer: Jiten (Boing studios)
Online Artist: Reshma, Murli (Prime Focus)
Colorist: Rahil (Prime Focus)
Production Executive: Parag Rane

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