giovedì 14 novembre 2013

Chaotic ad of the day. This Is For The Players | PS4 Launch advert | #4ThePlayers.


PlayStation 4 - This Is For The Players. European launch TV Ad. 

PS4 out on 29.11.13

Find out more about PlayStation 4:

Pre-Order your PS4 now -

180 Amsterdam
Executive Creative DirectorAl Moseley
Creative DirectorsGraeme HallMartin Terhart
Art DirectorEd Ryder
CopywriterEnrique Reija
Agency ProducerOlivier Klonhammer
Group Account DirectorNicole Reid
Account DirectorGemma Knox
Account ManagerSimone Raspagni
Planning DirectorJonas Vail
PlannerShawn Bohigian
Project DirectorMeredith Bergonzi
Production CompanyOutsider
DirectorScott Lyon
ProducerZeno Campbell-Salmon
EditingEditorsWorkpostRich Orrick & Charlie Moreton
Post-ProductionLead Artist3D ArtistsProducerSound Design/Mix
Music Track

Campaign Credits
Electric Theatre CollectiveGiles CheethamRemi Dessinges & James SindleLee PaveyWave Studios: Parv Thind
Calypso by Blonde Acid Cult

Online Easter Egg ExperienceOnline Players Monument ProductionPrint Photographer (Hero Gamer)Teaser ProductionBiborgMediaMonksSonia Mangiapane180 Amsterdam

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