mercoledì 13 novembre 2013

Smart stuff of the day. Design studio Upwell hacks IKEA...


Independent design studio Upwell, goes undercover to test the validity of their new product by using IKEA as their testing ground.

IKEA is a perfect retail research lab. They have an ideal demographic and amazing consumer exposure for Upwells new product, Walhub. Upwell created IKEA-esque visuals like product tags and UPC bar-codes as to not bias the experiment, and even went so far as to dress as an IKEA employee in order to install Walhub without raising too much suspicion... They set up mics and cameras to record the experience and more importantly the consumer feedback.... 

Oliver Elliot - Video production, Video & Audio
Chad Harber - Video & Audio
Eric Deichl - Video & Audio

Mux Mool - 10
Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto - The Girl from Ipanema

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