martedì 8 luglio 2014

Pop-up ad of the day. Nescafé: Pop-Up Café

via adfreak

"We created an unexpected way for two people to share a real moment together. After all, what better way to start a conversation than over a hot mug of Nescafé? It all starts with a Nescafé."
Client: Nescafé
Agency: Geometry Global, Paris
Chief executive officer: Reza Ghaem-Maghami
Executive creative director: Yvan Hiot
International creative director: Patrick Sullivan
Art director: Nicolas Gagner
Copywriter: Romain R. Nonis
Account manager: Margaux Delacommune
Art Director: David Lin
Art buyer: Annette Hallum
Chief Creative Officer / Worldwide Creative Director: Michael Kutschinski
Designer: Olivier brechon
Print manager: Karine Prigent / Redworks
Media planner: Severine Bernelin / Neo
Production: Ateliers Marina, Marsellus

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