martedì 17 marzo 2015

Ad of the day. Guns With History - States United to Prevent Gun Violence

States United To Prevent Gun Violence opens a "gun store" in NYC as hidden camera social experiment to debunk safety myths. Every gun has a history. Let's not repeat it. Learn more at To get involved, sign our petition at
Client: States United to Prevent Gun Violence
Agency: Grey, New York
Tor Myhren: Worldwide Chief Creative Officer
Per Pedersen: Deputy Worldwide Chief Creative Officer
Andreas Dahlqvist: Chief Creative Officer
Stephen Krauss: Executive Creative Director
Ari Halper: Executive Creative Director
Marco Pupo: Creative Director
Joao Coutinho: Creative Director
Bennett McCarroll: EVP Director Broadcast Production
Floyd Russ: Producer
Elizabeth Gilchrist: VP Account Director
Katie Stirn: Account Supervisor
Emma Tonetti: Project Manager
Christopher Izzo: Digital Production
Jayne Horowitz: VP Art Producer
Production Company: Rival School Pictures
Andrew Lane: Director
James Blom: Executive Producer/Partner
Alihan Karagul: Executive Producer/Partner
Editorial: Visiojn
Editor: Dominic Martimucci
Postproduction: The Mill

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