venerdì 29 maggio 2015

Digital stuff of the day. 1930 the first speakeasy you have to seduce online to be accepted in real life.

1930 is the most longed-for speakeasy bar by night-hawks and trendsetters in Milan. The challenge: how to extend 1930’s infamous inaccessibility online, where, by definition, everybody can access everything? The strategy: to natively use Tinder’s peculiarities: “Matches” and “Moments” to push the selection/seduction game to the next level. How: Creating the “first door selection on Tinder”....It's like real life ... but worse!

Agency: Alkemy digital_enabler 
Federico Ghiso/Giorgio Cignoni Executive Creative Director 
Nicola Gotti Design Director 
Michele D'amore Copywriter 
Matteo Menin Vp Social Media And Digital Pr 
Luca Sirianni Social Media Strategist 
Barbara Ruscio Levi Account Manager 
Timothy Small Head of Content 
Alessio Delussu Digital Analyst 

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