lunedì 21 settembre 2015

Nice ad of the day. easyJet - How 20 Years Have Flown

EasyJet has marked its 20th anniversary with a comprehensive new ad campaign recounting the airline’s history and encouraging customers to tell share their travel stories.
Agency VCCP
"To celebrate easyJet’s 20th anniversary, we’ve launched a multi-media, European campaign, “How 20 years have flown”, that invites customers to tell their own travel stories and aims to inspire the next generation of fliers.
The multi-million pound TV campaign debuts in the UK during the opening of the Rugby World Cup, and charts the story of a couple who meet and fall in love on an easyJet flight.
And, for the first time ever, easyJet will also release their first TV advert on social media. The retro commercial, which originally aired back in 1995, offers £29 flights ‘costing the same as a pair of jeans.’ And although 20 years may have flown by, easyJet’s commitment to price is as strong as ever, with flights on offer at just £29.99.
Alongside this, generation easyJet are encouraged to upload their favourite European holiday snaps from the last 20 years at, or by tagging them with #TimeFlies on Twitter and Instagram. The generation easyJet photo’s will then be used to form a mosaic for a special 20th birthday aircraft livery, which will be unveiled on the anniversary on November 10th."

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