sabato 5 marzo 2016

Idea of the day. Running Pizza - Sodo Pizza Cafe

Back in August 2015, we trialled a healthy pizza delivery service. Locally sourced ingredients, locally sourced runners, zero emissions and maximum taste. 

Here's what happened.


Lead creatives: Tom Gong, Dan Kenny
Creative assistant: Rixt Singelsma
Producer: Alison Cummins
Editor: Nick Gilberg
Director: Tom Werber
D.O.P: Diana Olifrova
Sound: Ben Leeves
Project Management: Emily Mills 
Post Production: MPC
Colourist: Richard Fearon
Post: Jonathan Box
Post Producer: Hannah Ruddleston
Sound: GCRS
Agency PR: Neda Hashemi / Ryan Wain
Client: Dan Birch 
Agency: TBWA/London
Brand: Sodo

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