giovedì 3 marzo 2016

PSA of the day. OVK - Forever Young

Advertising Agency: Happiness Brussels, Belgium Chief Creative Officer: Geoffrey Hantson Creative Directors: Pieter Claeys, Philippe Fass Creatives: Catherine Hermans, Laurie Lacourt Head of Craft: Lennert Vedts CEO & Strategic Director: Karen Corrigan Managing Director: Elke Janssens Account: Hans Smets Producer: Sophie Gunsbourg Production Company: Caviar Director: Tom Willems DOP: Wim Vanswijgenhoven Producers: Cleo Steyfkens, Andreas Vermeulen Music: Alphaville – Forever Young Sound design: Sonicville
Belgians are champions when it comes to using their smartphone in the car. 37% admits to reading or sending e-mails and text messages while driving. This dangerous trend doesn’t come without consequences. Especially since more than 150 children die each year in Belgium due to road accidents. To get parents to change their behaviour, OVK (Parents of Child Road Victims) developed this touching life story. 

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