mercoledì 13 aprile 2016

Egocentric stuff of the day. The Social Ego RXM Creative

The Social Ego is a toy that connects to your social channels, inflating when you get attention and deflating when you don’t. 
While it was created by a handful of people, it is inspired by our collective struggle as a species in dealing with social media. 
If enough people like it, it might inflate its way to the shelves.

The Social Ego is a project by RXM Creative
Visual Effects
Character Design Silvia Casali

Full Credits:

Advertising Agency: RXM Creative, New York, USA
Creative Directors: Mihai Botarel, Raul Mandru
Art Director: Luana Suciu
Account Manager: Shelby Eastman
Visual Effects:
Character Design Silvia Casali
Social Strategy: Mihnea Miculescu
Editing: Chris Maguire
Legal: Jennifer Sharpe

Special Thanks:
Michelle Burgess
Katie Quinn
Silviu Tolu
Leo Gibbs
Adrian Nina
Ana Popescu

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