venerdì 5 gennaio 2018

Weird ad of the day. TurboTax 2018 Commercial "Closet"

Watch the other subjects here Tiny knitted teddy bears. And taxes. Two things that aren’t as scary as you thought they were. TurboTax—there’s nothing to be afraid of. TurboTax 2018 Commercial "Closet" (Official :60) TV ad

Client: TurboTax

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Creative Directors: Micah Walker, Tim Roan
Copywriter: Bertie Scrase
Art Director: Christen Brestrup
Integrated Production
Brand Production Lead: Robert Saxon
Creative Manager: Amy Streger
Broadcast Producer: Alexei Vanmourik
Art Producer: Grace Petrenka
Business Affairs Manager: Alicia Willet
Designer: Alex Sanchez
W+K Studios
Stills Photographers: Kyle Pero, Saskia Thomson
Stills Photography Digital Techs: Amy Corcoran, Lilly Archer
Retouching: Kyle Pero, Saskia Thomson, Amy Corcoran, Lilly Archer
Motion Designer: Jeff Ackley, Adam Sirkin, Oliver Rokoff
Motion Producer: Dennis Samatulski
Account Team: Courtney Nelson, Corey Woodson, Alex Fitch

Company: Reset
Director: Gary Freedman
Executive Producer: Deannie O’Neil
Line Producer: Pete Vitale
Director of Photography: Hoyte Van Hoytema

Company: Cartel
Editor: Andy McGraw (Attic + Closet) + Chris Catanach (Chupacabra + Woods)
Assistant Editor: Grant Hall
Post Producer: Greer Bratschie
Post Executive Producer: Lauren Bleiweiss

Music + Sound Design
Company: Walker
Executive Producers: Stephanie Pigott, Sara Matarazzo

Company Lime:
Mixer / Sound Designer: Rohan Young
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan

Company:: Kevin
VFX Supervisor: : Theo Maniatis
CG Supervisor: : Mike Dalzell
VFX Producer: : Jami Schakel
VFX Coordinator: : Tina Dion
Executive Creative Director/Partner: Tim Davies
Senior Executive Producer/Partner: Sue Troyan

CG Artists:
Delano Athias
Greg Mawicke
Kris Kelly
Matthew Longwell
Matthew Connolly
Caleb Ollivant
Carl Harders
Kevin Gillen
Jarrod Avalos
Matthew Merkovich
Igor Stefanovic
Bryan Repka
Tamara Paterson
Andrea Paolino

Robert Murdock
Chris Payne
Steve Gibbons
Ed Black
Anthony Petitti
Trent Shumway
Susanne Scharping
Pilon Lectez
Anthony Barcelo
Kevin Jones
Graziella Gandolfi

Design/Graphics: Adam Levine

Concept Art:
Nathan McKenna
Jim Carson

Company: MPC London
Artist: Jean-Clement Soret
Executive Producer: Ellora Chowdhury

Artist: Serge Seidlitz

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