giovedì 9 maggio 2013

Animal campaign of the day. WWF Wonder World Fur.

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Ad | WWF Wonder World FuR "bamboseal" from Mikros image on Vimeo.

Ad | WWF Wonder World FuR "Dolyphan" from Mikros image on Vimeo.

Discover the new campaign “Wonder World Fur” of WWF France with imaginary animals like the “dolyphan” and the “bamboseal”.
Marcel Agency and Publicis created a new concept for WWF Wonder World Fur, a line of clothes and accessories made from the fur of…imaginary animals.
The collection will be on sales and all the profits will go the WWF french foundation.
An original way to protect many species and their environment.
The post-production is signed by Mikros Image.
Agency : MARCEL 
Executive creative director : Erik Vervroegen
Head of creation : Erik Vervroegen, Marcelo Vergara, Fabio Mazzia, Véronique Sels
Advertising copywriter : Maria Visco
Art Directors : Maria Visco, Bastien Grisolet, Marjorie Vardo
Heads of Agency : Olivier Sebag, Alice Rinder, Alexis Delwasse, Fanny Morel
TV Production (WAM) : Armelle Sudron
Sound Producer (WAM) : Boris Nicou
Director : Brent Harris
Production : Stink Paris
Producer : Sylvaine Mella
Photography : Rob Malpage
Editor : Sylvie Landra
Mikros image’s team
VFX Producer/Post-producer : Claire Garraud
CG Supervisor : Jean Lin Roig
Head of 3d Studio, commercials : Julien Meesters
Head of CG commercials : Benoit Holl
VFX Supervisor : Guillaume Ho
Shooting Supervisor : Jérémy Wulff
Character Design : Jao M’Changama
Modeling : Aurélien Fuentes, Nicolas Leblanc
Textures : Aurélien Fuentes, Nicolas Leblanc, Mehdi Rami, Guillaume Ho
Fur : Mehdi Rami, Guillaume Ho, Benoit Holl
Set up : Alexandre Sauthier
Animation “Dolyphan” : Michael Nauzin
Animation “Bamboseal” : Alexandre Sauthier
Track 3D : Lorenzo Veracini, Stéphane Richez
Clothes/SFX : William Untereiner
Lighting : Antoine Carlon, Guillaume Ho
Compositing Nuke : Julien Dias, Guillaume Parra, Antoine Carlon, Guillaume Ho
Matte 2D avant-plans : Julien Dias, Vincent Venchiarutti, Quentin Letout, Maxime Cordier
Flame : Flore Mounier, Laurent Creusot, Jao M’Changama
Grading : Magalie Leonard, Jacky Lefresne, Nicolas Guibert
Edition : Alexa Marie-Jeanne

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