mercoledì 8 maggio 2013

Emotional ad of the day. Google - Here's to the Moms.


Agency: Whirled
Visit for more ways to celebrate the Moms of the world. Have a Mom you want to thank? Upload your own video, photo or note with #HeresToTheMoms

Song: I Just Want to Thank You, Tim Myers. Purchase the song at:

Videos included:
Special Thanks to Viral Spiral
-Newborn Baby:
-Newborn Daisy:
-Lesbian Couple: Our Two Mom Family Intro / "Obama Wins!":
-9 Nov painting mom face:
-Sarayu playing with her mom:
-Wow, it's Mom, but I'm sleepy:
-First time walking, Baby first steps !!!:
-Surprise were pregnant!!:
-Yoga for Kids and Moms 2:
-Coming Out - Live:
-What Happens at a Marathon:
-Mother and Son's Fun First Dance:
-Funny Funny Sling Shot Ride Video Mom and 7 year old Son!!!:
-My 94 yr. Old Grandma Dancing to Dubstep on Christmas:
-How Awesome Is My Mom?:
-Boy Surprises Mom On Mothers Day:
-M finds out she's going to be a big sister!!!:
-Soldier Mom Surprises Two Sons:

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