venerdì 10 maggio 2013

Automotive ad of the day. Volkswagen: Tall Girl.


In this ad we follow a tall woman on a series of dates in her quest to find the perfect partner. The problem is that every man she meets is simply too small for her. 

After a number of failed dates with different men, we see her waiting for her next date. He arrives in a Volkswagen up! and our leading lady looks dejected: if he's driving that car, he's probably the shortest man of all, she thinks.

Imagine her surprise and delight when the door opens and out steps a strapping 6'3 hunk of a man! She's finally found true love and a suitably tall companion in the most unlikely of places - the surprisingly spacious Volkswagen up! 

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  • Agencyadam&eveDDB
  • ProductionGorgeous
  • Director Chris Palmer
    Creative Director Jeremy Craigen
    Creative Feargal Balance
    Creative patrick mcclelland
    Producer Michaela Johnson
    Business Director Paul Billingsley
    Account Director Jaimie Jennings
    Client Team Director Rod McLeod
    DoP bruno delbonnel
    Post production Tom Sparks
    Agency Producer Lucinda Ker
    Editor Paul Watts
    Account manager Naphtali Torrance

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