giovedì 1 agosto 2013

Copyright lawsuit of the day. Banco Popular - The Most Popular Song - Cannes PR Lions Gold & Grand Prix Winner.

As the largest bank in Puerto Rico, Banco Popular's success and corporate image depend on the island's economy. So to help propel it in the right direction, it convinced El Gran Combo to rewrite history.

Agency: JWT San Juan
Client: Banco Popular de Puerto Rico

"JWT Puerto Rico has been served with a copyright lawsuit over an ad for Banco Popular that won many awards at last year's Cannes Lions festival, including Puerto Rico's first-ever Grand Prix. MediaPost reports that Cartagena Enterprises, a music publisher, alleges the commercial uses a song that was derivative of its salsa hit "I Do Nothing." The company alleges JWT Puerto Rico violated its contract when it submitted the spot to awards. JWT, JWT USA, and Banco Popular were named in the suit as well. The ad criticizes the song, which it claims perpetuates the stereotype of Puerto Ricans as lazy people who would rather live on welfare than work."

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