venerdì 2 agosto 2013

Experiment of the day. TBWA\ISTANBUL AdLove Project.

TBWA\ISTANBUL AdLove Project English from TBWA\ISTANBUL on Vimeo.
TBWA\ISTANBUL followed an innovative route in their internship selection procedure and started a new project: AdLove. For the past 5 years they have been working with the vision to become the “Most Creative Company.” They carried this vision to their HR process, combining technology and sincerity.
For the past 10 years, TBWA\ISTANBUL chose their interns after a 3 day selection process. For the first time this year, they prepared a test in cooperation with Minder, one of the best companies in the field of neurotechnology in Turkey and tested each of the applicants.
They had the interns watch the foremost iconic ads in the history of advertisement and observed their feelings by converting the signals into numerical data.
As a result 5 out of 503 interns who conceded the most love towards “advertising” acquired the right to become a part of the TBWA\ISTANBUL family as an intern for 3 months.
This interesting experimental process was shot by the production company Filmpark and director Mehmet Çelebi.
CCO: İlkay Gürpınar
Creative Director: Volkan Karakaşoğlu
Creative Team: Gökhan Akça, Güney Soykan
HR Team: Çiğdem Kefeli, Alara Aslankan
Strategic Planning Team: Toygun Yılmazer, Nisan Danışman
Productin Team: Övünç Hitay
Production Company: Filmpark
Director: Mehmet Çelebi
Post Production: Sinefekt
Music: Jingle Jackson / Emre Irmak
Media: Internet

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