venerdì 11 ottobre 2013

Stunt of the day. Volvo Trucks - The Chase (Live Test 3).


Join the run in 360°:
A red truck being chased by a herd of bulls through the streets of a Spanish city. The ultimate manoeuvrability test? Please comment!

This live test from Volvo Trucks shows how the new Volvo FL performs on tiny twisting streets in Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain. 

Oscar nominated director, Henry Alex Rubin, used 28 cameras in total to capture the event from every conceivable angle. Together with 50 runners, there was a crew of 250 people on site and hundreds of local spectators. 

See Behind the Scenes:

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Music: Wooly Bully by Sam The Sham & Pharaohs
Directed by Henry Alex Rubin.

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