martedì 28 ottobre 2014

Vending machine of the day. Borjomi Piano Machine

Generous piano that treats people with fizzy water appeared in Ukraine

In the midst of the most strained year in the history of independent Ukraine, after months of unrest, uncertainty and tension caused by political and economic vulnerability, Ukrainians needed more than ever bright emotions.

To support the citizens and make their mornings brighter during traditional music Alfa Jazz Fest held in L’viv this summer, the Borjomi Company and Banda Agency created generous piano that was giving a bottle of legendary volcanic water for a good playing. The Borjomi piano appeared on the central city square, where passers-by could literally try their hand at music and get a fizzy reward along with a smile.

During the festival, the piano heard thousands of unknown virtuosos, got into the photo archives of hundreds of mobile phones and delivered as many bottles of Borjomi as would be enough for several years of pleasant awakenings.