martedì 4 novembre 2014

Funny ad of the day. Sanuk Presents - Never Uncomfortable

That sold out crowd you’re playing to in your mind? They’re a no-show... No big deal. Because comfortable feet always bring the beat. #NeverUncomfortable.

He’s your boo, and thin air is the only one catching his stage dives. So when his face hits the concrete, at least you’ll be there to comfort him in comfort. #NeverUncomfortable.

agency Ignited 
Creative Director: Graham Simon                                                       
Associate Creative Director: Karin Djelaj
Senior Art Director: Jeremy Carson                      
Senior Copywriter: Dan Elmslie                                                    
Producer: Mike Dobbs                                     
Account Director: Christel Roldan       
Account Executive: Janai McElroy            

Photographer: Tyler Gray

Production House: Original Films
Director: Tom DeCerchio
Executive Producer: Joe Piccirillo
Producer: Dennis McCollough
Director of Photography: Michael Bonvillian
Editor: Jonathan Del Gatto

Music: Sebastian Robertson @ We the People