lunedì 19 gennaio 2015

Nice ad of the day. Normal Days - British Army

‘Normal Day’ is a new multi-channel campaign for the Army which aims to improve understanding of what the Army does and support recruiting across the whole Army.

‘Normal Day’ vividly brings to life the many unsung roles the Army performs in a number of different communities and scenarios. The campaign spans TV, print, digital and includes a series of online films with real-life examples of how Army personnel have impacted ordinary people’s lives in the UK, Kosovo and the Philippines.

With one in four people feeling their jobs are lacking a challenge, excitement, the opportunity to travel and a decent salary – ‘Normal Day’ also aims to support recruitment drive and encourage part-time roles with the Army Reserve.
 campaign 'Normal Day' showcases the Army's role and relevance in changing times.

Brigadier Nick Orr, the Army’s Head of Communications, said:

We have launched this campaign to improve understanding about what the Army does, but also to showcase the people that make our Army the force it is for good. These skilled men and women help to ensure normality is preserved for people at home and overseas and this campaign helps bring that to life for a modern audience who, in part at least, may question its future role and relevance.

We are proud of the Army’s values and role which is absolutely to protect the United Kingdom and fight its enemies, but also to prevent conflict and deal with disaster. While we recognise the clear need to adapt and change with the times, our role and relevance is enduring. The Army is as relevant now, if not more so, than ever before amid these incredibly complex times.

The campaign breaks new ground for the Army and vividly brings to life the many, and often under-recognised, duties it performs across a number of different communities and scenarios.

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