venerdì 19 giugno 2015

Production of the day. #LoveEveryMinute - live


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#LoveEveryMinute is about capturing and squeezing the most out of every minute when you’re away on a holiday, during a pampering session, a day sightseeing or night out on the town. Life is about celebrating magical minutes that all add up to great fulfilling experiences. 

In the new #LoveEveryMinute 2015 TV advert we have captured the imagination of a couple making the most of their holiday, cramming in wonderful memories and experiences in one minute. 

From intriguing city streets and alleyways that lead to quaint local hot spots, to getting your hotel room keys and having that feeling of pure joy when your hotel room has been upgraded, to experiencing the open seas and beautiful beach locations and relaxing pampering sessions to really unwind.

This advert was filmed in two beautiful locations - Spilt and Brač in Croatia.

The soundtrack to the advert is Makini by Sal Davis. This Afro Mod / Jazz / R&B mongrel features bi-lingual vocals by the Tanzanian artist and has a gritty sound that will stick in your mind. Listen to the full song here:

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