lunedì 9 novembre 2015

Ad of the day. Unicef - These children's lives will never be the same

This family’s trip to the park was totally normal... until their world was turned upside down.
Behind each turn in this film are the real stories of children whose lives have been turned upside down by war or natural disaster. 

Children are facing more devastating wars and disasters than ever before. When an emergency hits, children’s worlds are turned upside down. Children are being killed while studying in the classroom. They are being forced to become soldiers. Many have been orphaned by emergencies.

Whilst protecting children from violence is life-saving in emergencies, just like water, shelter and medicine, it isn’t prioritised in the same way.

Ahead of the first ever World Humanitarian Summit in May, we can change how the world responds in emergencies. Please sign the petition telling David Cameron to make protection from violence a priority at the summit. He can do this by committing his Government to protecting children from extreme violence, protecting the schools that keep them safe and protecting children who are torn from their families by wars and disasters.

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Brand: Unicef UK
Title: World Upside Down
Agency: Don't Panic London
Agency Website:
Creative Director: Richard Beer
Account Director: Sam Adams
Additional Credits: Agency Producer: Ellie Moore
Executive Producer: Philippa Thomas
Director/ Production Co: Karen Cunningham/Thomas Thomas Films
Producer: Trent Simpson
Editor and Edit House: Owen Oppenheimer / The Quarry
Post Production Time: Based Arts
Sound Design Engineer: Mark Hellaby/ Studio: 750mph
Director of Production:Callan Green

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