lunedì 16 maggio 2016

Cause of the day. The Silent Enemy - League Against Cruel Sports

Director: Paul Murphy

Sign the petition to ban snares today

Snares are small wire ligatures that are usually hidden in hedgerows and forests in order to trap wild animals. These ‘land-mines of the countryside’ are legally killing an estimated 1.7 million animals a year. Snares are indiscriminate and trap both wild and domestic animals in the most horrendous circumstances.

They are primarily used by the ‘canned’ shooting industry to maintain artificial levels of factory-farmed game-birds that are reared just so that they can be killed later for fun – not food - by paying clients. The snares are used to maximise the profits of game-shooting companies by reducing the numbers of game-birds taken by foxes. But foxes make up just a quarter of the total number of animals caught in snares. A staggering 250,000 are non-target species including hares, badgers, otters and pet cats and dogs.

Peter Egan, BAFTA award winning actor, animal lover and League Vice President provided the voice over and actor Shaun McKee plays the role of a jogger who heads off into the woods for a run. The film was produced by Grain Media and Jungle Studios worked on the sound.

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