lunedì 22 luglio 2013

Fashion ad of the day. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas "Misfit Right In".


This is The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' 30-second TV ad, intended to pique the curiosity of our guests and stimulate conversation. It speaks to the power that comes from individuals being distinct and exactly who they are versus what people may think they should be. It's about making unique choices -- whether or not they are considered expected or normal. The campaign originally premiered during the British Open (July 2013).

The energetic track used in the commercial is a mashup called "Original Don," created by Major Lazer. It is reflective of The Cosmopolitan brand to have music play a leading role, as it does in this commercial.

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Agency: Fallon, Minneapolis
Production Company: Gentleman Scholar
Directors: Will Johnson, Will Campbell

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