martedì 23 luglio 2013

Funny ad of the day. Blue Jeans Video - The Roominator™ (ft. Hasan Minhaj).


With the Roominator™, you can ride a rickshaw, steal an iPad, and deliver a baby all while participating in a seamless video conference with your colleagues in Japan. #roominator

Learn more and enter to win a free iPad/Roominator™:

Brought to you by Blue Jeans Network
Created by Portal A []
Starring Hasan Minhaj
Directed and Written by Kai Hasson
Executive Producers: Nate Houghteling and Zach Blume
Director of Photography: Catherine Goldschmidt
Producer: Nina Reyes Rosenberg
Associate Producer: David Johnson
Assistant Director: Finley Wise
Editor: Sari Tracht

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