martedì 30 settembre 2014

Music video of the day. Matin Lunaire - Plaid

Matin Lunaire - Plaid from Clement Oberto on Vimeo.
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Matin Lunaire (moony morning) is a suspended moment, the paradox of a moon still in the sky during day time. The piece describes a mysterious universe lost between dreams and reality. An epic poem, constantly transforming, in which colors, beauty and sweetness come together // Original Soundtrack by Plaid - Courtesy of Warp Records
Director & Producer : Clément Oberto
Vfx Creative Director : Patrick Siboni
Fashion Designer : Coppélia Pique
Model : Lauren Isabeau
Director of photography : Karine Feuillard
Make-up artist : Marielle Loubet
Hair stylist : Jonathan Dadoun
First assistant director : Estelle Chauvin
Second assistant director : Valerie Servant
Third assistant director : Elisabeth Draguet
Chief electrician : Elyan Charvet
Electricians : Pierre Franiatte, Alexis Rodriguez & Alix Vannoni
First assistant operator : Marie Dubaille
Second assistant operator : Stephanie Arbogast
Chief grips : Juan Bansillon
Grips : Stephane Valette & Thomas Bigot
Laser technician : Thomas Constantien
Set design : Gwen Testi, Marie-Ange Boyomo & Clément Oberto
Props man: Gwen testi
Hair assistants : Allison Depriestre, Kyoko Kishita & Mayu Morimoto
Stylist assistants : Pierre, Jean & Joana
Storyboard : Marie-Ange Boyomo
Studio manager : Rodolphe Buche
Stage manager : Etienne Boris
Film-set photographer : John Hennequin & Alyz Tale
Production assistants : Marie-Ange Boyomo, Emmanuel Dufoing & Anna Dacher
Warp publisher : Theo Seffusatti
Legal advisor : Eve Edward
Editor : Clément Oberto
PostProduction & VFX : Patrick Siboni
Thx to
Romain Leclerc
Louis Manjarres
Lam le Thanh
Peregrine Mc Cafferty
Mathias Rozpendowski
Valérie & Estelle
Oversteps Production 2014

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