venerdì 3 ottobre 2014


Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Netherlands / Wieden + Kennedy Japan
No matter where you are on earth, Citizen’s 2014 flagship model – the new Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100 – adjusts to the current time zone in just three seconds. To demonstrate the watch’s unique ability, we undertook an ambitious experiment to chase the horizon and endeavor to live in the same hour for as long as humanly possible.

Created jointly with our Tokyo office, Citizen’s first global campaign challenged a photographer and ex-NATO pilot to chase the sunset across the Earth’s time zones.

An integrated campaign, Chasing Horizons utilizes the imagery captured during the expedition in global print and digital executions. While a short film by acclaimed documentary director, Tristan Patterson, portrays the story of the journey itself and is used for TV and online content. A story about people fooling time and stealing one night from the planet.

"We challenged photographer Simon Roberts to chase the sun across the Earth's time zones using the Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100," a Citizen watch that adjusts to the current time zone anywhere in the world in just three seconds. Mr. Roberts and former NATO pilot Jonathan Nicol started off in Reykjavik, flying against the Earth's rotation to witness (and photograph) the setting sun 24 times in a row -- at the same time in 24 different time zones -- before arriving at their final destination in the Arctic Circle (with a quick fuel stop along the way).
“As a photographic artist I never thought I would make a series of photos about sunsets, but here was an idea that literally took the concept to the edge of what’s possible,” explained Roberts. “By chasing the sun around the earth, existing in a perpetual twilight hour, we were pushing technical and physical boundaries. It was simultaneously exhilarating and challenging.”

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