martedì 30 settembre 2014

Storytelling of the day. Unquiet Film Series - Bringing the World to Britain / Christina Lamb


Discover the stories behind the headlines:

The Sunday Times has always believed that you can’t form a balanced opinion unless you have a view on the world around you. Through the eyes of our award-winning foreign correspondent, Christina Lamb, we explore this in Bringing the World to Britain.

Enjoy 30 days of world-class journalism for only £1:

Advertising Agency: Grey, London, UK
Production Company: Betsy Works

Creative Agency: Grey London
Creative Director: Phil Lind / Dave Monk
Film Production: Betsy Works
Director: Liz Unna (repped by HSI London)
Producer: Rachel Roberts
Executive Producer: Peter Maynard
Photography: Oliver Schofield
Editor: Alex Lea @ Envy
Post Production: Envy
Sound Design: Arge @ Unit

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