mercoledì 26 novembre 2014

Ad of the day. Welcome to Airbnb

When we travel, the world around us gets smaller. Friendships are made on the fly, landscapes are explored, and new experiences are found around every corner. And when you stay in an Airbnb listing, this small world feeling is amplified immeasurably. We've created a fantastic handmade world that dramatizes the feeling you get while traveling with Airbnb. It's an expansive world, yet truly personal. As
the train travels through this world, the viewer gets to experience what is Airbnb and how Airbnb enables you to Belong Anywhere. 
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A behind the scenes look at the process of creating 'Welcome to Airbnb'. The film was shot through a small camera mounted on the model train in a single, 60-second take. All external movements are mechanical, not animated or done in post-production. All the different transitions that were hand operated had to be incredibly coordinated. It was a well-orchestrated effort to ensure that the 9 people who did several jobs at once were able to either fold things up before, or tilt things over and rotate things to ensure the one perfect take.

It reminds me this
Volkswagen Touran, Ghost Train from Jean-Julien on Vimeo.

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Agency – TBWA\Singapore
Creative Director – Gary Steel
Art Director – Nuno Teixeira
Copywriter – James Holmes
Production – Six Toes TV Singapore
Executive Producer – Haydn Evans
Production House – Cirkus Film
Director – Christian Greet
Producer – Marko Klijn
Location – Auckland, New Zealand
Media agency – PHD