venerdì 28 novembre 2014

Short of the day. My Husband made me a Prostitute.

What is the worst thing that can happen to a man who drinks and drive. Probably this. This film is a fictional account about his family. How his wife battles the world to survive and to pay the bills.
Directed by Pankaj Thakur
Written by Joybrato Dutta
Actor: Sanghamitra Hitaishi
Marketed by: Rohit Sakunia
You can read the story here

But he didn’t have to force me. I volunteered myself. Initially my family and my in laws had a problem, but now they’ve adjusted to my new lifestyle.
In my profession I get to meet various kinds of people everyday, mostly brats and unsatisfied husbands. The more I see them the more my heart fills with pride, because I know my husband would never do something like this.
A few months back I hated prostitutes, obviously then I’d never thought I would become one. But now my perception has changed. It gives me a new name everyday, not to mention a new man as well.
The pimp who gave me this job makes sure I sleep with safe customers. He even suggested I undergo tubectomy, to avoid any sort of hindrance. I am considering his suggestion but I guess I’ll have to take my husband’s permission. But I’ll have to wait for it, because he doesn’t talk to me. He doesn’t talk to anyone. He is in coma. The doctor says he needs to be operated within 2 months. We’ve sold our houses, our cars. Our parents are too old to work. With the education I have, prostitution wasn’t the only option, but I chose it, because it was the highest paid.
Sometimes I wish he hadn’t left for the party that Saturday. That’s when the truck hit him. My doctor says his spinal cord had been shattered, and it’s a miracle that he survived.
I am sure this isn’t the future he had planned for me, but I don’t mind living it. May be I die everyday, but I’m sure my husband will live one day.
It’s your family who’ll pay the price. 
Don’t drink and drive.